impactiive® is a management services company that provides support to financial institutions in pursuit of strategic options (start-up, M&A) or in need of financial and operational turnaround. This is achieved by mobilizing high-performance, C-suite, advisory teams that rapidly identify, assess, and deploy measurable solutions to banks and MFI’s overcome by institutional development challenges.

The management team comprises over 200 years executive experience working in emerging market financial institutions; across a diverse background of engagements that include greenfield startups, rapid growth environments, as well as those facing economic hardship and crisis situations.

impactiive® not only connects the dots and offers valuable advice through institution analysis, coaching, and support programs; but can also make change happen via executive secondments or full-fledged institution management.

The approach is practical, comprehensive, action- and results-oriented, while aligning impactiive® incentives to the client’s success.

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Established in 2016, Nazim Aliyev Blended Learning Academy provides cutting edge and tailor made learning solutions for enhancing employee performance to boost your business.

We carefully learn your performance needs and gaps then create a learning solutions that creates desired impact on your business.

Learning is delivered through combination of e-learning and in person training. the blended learning also adds great value in terms learning convinience and training costs.       



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