Is it fast?

We partner with line managers to define, design and conduct capacity building  project for immediate impact on performance.  

We make your performance dreams a reality

Nazim Aliyev Business Training

Is it expensive?

We use blended learning for capacity building. Live online sessions, easy reading and video materials combined with on the job learning. 

Is it effective?

Because we use blended learning, we can pass the savings of not holding a physical classroom on to you. 

​Blended learning Academy


Capacity building is a vital process for transformation of a bank or microfinance institution which requires fast learning. So, why restrict yourself to traditional settings?


At Nazim Aliyev Blended Learning Academy, we focus on your performance needs and design a capacity building project lead by your team. We bring it wherever you are by combining fantastic power of e-learning and proven on the job methods of learning. We provide our clients with the real opportunity to reach their planned profits.

Are you ready for the future?